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Mchenry, Illinois 1 comment

Yet another website that doesn't ship goods that have been paid for, in this case a digital camera I purchased. Person goes by May Li, email is

More details:

GuangZhou XinJia Science and technology Co., LTD

Company Add: RM.028.A Rear.4/F Wanling Plaza No.19 Jiefangsouth Road Guangzhou

Tel: 86-136-60574207 Fax: 86-136-60574207

Western Union payment info:

Payment Detail Information


First Name : Ai Hua

Last Name : Pan

City : GuangZhou

State : GuangDong

Country : China

Do not fall for the low prices listed, they are scammers.

Review about: Camera.



Wow, that sucks.Lesson learned, people - never buy from a company that accepts Western Union as payment!

Once you hand the money to that Western Union clerk you can kiss it goodbye. At least with a debit or credit card you can dispute the charges with your bank.

I hate to sound like a spam add, but for an online electronics company you can trust use

They are freakin' awesome and so are their prices.I have purchased thousands of dollars of stuff from them (literally) and have NEVER had a complaint about their shipping speed or customer service.

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